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In today's fast paced and ever changing marketplace, information has never been more important. This is why we created EscrowTalk.net. EscrowTalk.net is a networking tool for escrow professionals allowing a place to discuss the issues and concerns facing our industry.

But just like everywhere else, we have a few basic rules. First, no names. This is not the place to make a statement or warn off others from specific individuals and companies. The intent is for escrow professionals to be able to post questions and scenarios and get feedback without fear of reprisals - so NO NAMES.

Next... no gossip. Gossip is probably one of the most distructive powers in the universe and seldom does it have any positive intentions or results. So, consider EscrowTalk as a "NO GOSSIP ZONE"

Next... default to nice. Do this in your postings and your interpretation of other's posts. Remember that when you use written communication you lose the non-verbal cues that make sarcasm funny. So, say it directly and politely and we will all have more fun.

Finally, enjoy. This site is meant to provide assistance and support in a friendly environment. So enjoy yourself.


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